Wednesday, October 04, 2006

HOW LOW CAN THEY GO? TO the bottom of the barrel. Those people in the Republican party that knew of Foleys attempt to seduce a 16 year young child are the bottom of the barrel. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council invoked the "Gay Bashing" "Homophobic" labels to create a reason why there was no response comming from the Republican Party. Tony Snow called it "Simply Naughty E-Mail" Naughty e-mail? A 52 year old man sending "naughty" e-mail to a child and Snow dismisses it with that comment! The Republican party theme has been "You can't trust the Democratic Party" Who do you trust now? Dennis Hasters knew of the incidents for years and said nothing. Sen Alexander (R La), Rep Simkees (R Ill) all knew of the e-mails and told Foley to stay away from the Pages but did not tell anyone. Majority Leader Boekner (R Oh) and Rep Reynolds Chairman of the National Republican Party both said that he heard it from Alexander. Alexander does not recall the conversation. All of these people did nothing not because of the "Labels that they feard may have pined on them but because Republicans do not like gays period. The reasons they ignored this incident? They do not want to lose that seat and they are in fear for their political lives if they were to go up against their own fascist dictatorship in the White House. I thought that we were all aware of the fact that any person knowing a person has committed a crime and does not speak out is abetting. Republicans would have you read the Drudge Report and believe that Foley was the victim and these kids were the beasts only truth in that is. "They were kids" Foley claims that he was drunk when he wrote these e-mails but not drunk enough 1 hour later to vote for an issue on the floor or maybe he (Foley) has always been drunk. He claims that he was seduced by a clergyman. He claims that he is not a pedophile. He might as well say that God told him to do it in a dream, or it wasn't him but someone else who used his computer and his e-mail address. And it probably was a Democrat playing cheap political tricks to discredit the Republican party before an election. Everyone (Republican or Democrat) who were aware of what was going on and said nothing should be prosecuted. They allowed this person to stalk our children and that is a crime. And that's what I see FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM. Charlie

Friday, September 08, 2006

A Requiem to the Twin Towers: My condolences go out to those left behind having lost loved ones in the 9/11 attack but those civilians that were killed were not hero's. The true hero's were the civil workers who died and the Military service peresonnel killed in Iraq because of this administrations lies. Ceremonies will be held to allow this "Regime" to use families left behind as pawns. At each political "rally" for 9/11 you will see families of those who died being paraded for political purposes only. Why can't these people see that their grief is being used? Parade a child, a wife, a mother, a brother, a sister, an aunt, the neighbor next door, the person who knew a person who knew a person who etc: These exhibitions are all political and a way to make Americans forget about IRAQ. The media will interview people who have lost someone asking questions like. How are you coping or how has your life changed. Do they really care? Hell no!' It's a story. They should be asking "Aren't you angry that the Bush Administration let it happen and then said Saddam did it! And we are now in a war losing thousands of personnel and they will not talk about it unless they absolutely have to and only then will they say if you don't agree with us you a fascist lover. Hitler told the world what he was going to do. G.W. Should have at least warned American citizens what he was about to do. The real fascists are in the White House. Secret torture camps. Raids on homes of "Suspected terrorists, look at the parallels. History is repeating itself and Americans sit back and ignore it. Play the terrorist card. Keep them afraid, very, very afraid and they will ask no questions. And that's the way I see it. FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM. Charlie .

Friday, August 18, 2006

The War in Iraq is over::: But Americans have not been told. The media just isn't covering it. Out of sight. Out of mind. It must be over. In July 3,600 civilians were wounded 3,438 were killed. 6,000 civilians killed in May and June but the media covers stories about alleged terrorists in England. Terrorists who have not made bombs, have no plane tickets and have no passports. Terrorists? Take the war in Iraq out of the headlines. The media is covering the Jon Bonet story. A story that may or may not be a hoax. Take the war in Iraq out of the headlines. 2,600 troops killed. 20,00 to 48,000 wounded but the media covers the war in Israel (supported by and armed by the U.S.A.) Take the war in Iraq out of the headlines. I recommend "the Nexes of politics and Terror by Olbermann. He takes the opportunity to shows Americans how the white house controls the media. I'm feeling like Don Quixote. I'll ride off on Rosinante and let the religious zealots run the world. At least I won't have to go to church to justify my stand on issues. God hasn't spoken to me you see. And that's the way I see it FROM MY SIDE OF THE WORLD. Charlie

Friday, June 09, 2006

THE OLD MAN AND THE WORLD: In a recent conversation with my son I asked the question "What is an I-Pod?--Silence, a snicker, disbelief then Ah! Was the response. Son, you were speaking to a man who as a boy had a telephone that we had to share with another person, not a relative, but a neighbor. 1 ring yours, 2 rings a neighbor, 3 rings another neighbor. If the phone was in use and you wanted to use the phone you simply picked up the phone, interrupted the conversation and asked "may I make a call please. The party line sharer usually ended their phone call and allowed you to make your call. Interesting concept icon it? Neighbors actually got along together. It was also a time when you had to ask an operator (a real person) to connect you to another person who also had a "Party Line". Phone numbers usually consisted of a word followed by a number, again speaking to a real live person. As a young lad I have been known to use animal parts to watch a black and white TV (Rabbit Ears). Color TV consisted of a light blue shade pulled down over the screen creating (Color TV) As a young man I had to start an automobile by pressing down on big button on the floorboard and stepping on the gas peddle with the same foot. A very agile young man. How many of your Blog readers know what a clothes line is, or clothes pins? What is an ice box, or a wash board? As a youth we had Ice Men, men who delivered ice to your house. Milk Men who delivered milk (in glass bottles ) with about 2 inches of cream on top. Rag Pickers who bought old rags, shoes, or just plain "junk". CAE Men who delivered bags of coal for your furnace and Fruit vendors with push carts who guess what, actually sold fresh fruit. We even had Ice Cream men who sold ice cream from a truck. The Good Humor man. Entertainment was build yourself a crystal radio and listen to 1 radio station only at certain times of the day. Today I probably would have been considered a Nerd because of that activity. Other entertainment available was listening to mono Hi Fi records 33 1/3's, 45's and 78's so when I ask, "What an I-Pod is" think about where that question came from. In closing I can say that event will happen to you some day and a young person will react just as you did. That reaction is not comming from disrespect it is comming from not realizing that the world moves on, and soon you'll have stories to relate to others and you'll ask a question that will stun some one with disbelieve. "Memories are made of this" In ending I say "I wish I knew then what I know now. I wouldn't change a thing. Except knowing where the rocks were in the ocean of life. And that's what I see FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM. Charlie

Friday, May 19, 2006

THE BANTOM ROOSTER is the "decider" Thanks "Babe" This Swiss cheese administration is so full of leaks that if it were winter in Washington D.C. there would be a trail of yellow snow leading to all White House doors. G.W. States "I am the President and I can leak anywhere I want to, all I have to is decide that it's ok for me but not for anyone else. I am above the law. What does justice know, after all she is blindfolded isn't she? The house of cards is falling and the Joker ( G.W ) is wild. Look at those eyes! How do you tell the boss that he is an idiot without being fired. That's why Generals wait for retirement before speaking out. Speak up while active and you're out. This immigration issue is important but it is just a smoke screen to take coverage off the war. The kids being killed, maimed and wounded are pawns in the chess game the administration is playing in Iraq. Sacrifice a pawn for another raise in gas prices. Thank you Mr President for these gas prices, health care costs , the economy, loss of civil rights, and allowing me the freedom of not worrying about my phone calls because I know "Big Brother" is listening for me. Another SNOW job. This administration screams about a life being taken by an abortion and stem cell research that will save lives, yet turn a deaf ear as to how many innocent lives we have taken in Iraq. While the Democratic party acts like "a dog eating peanut butter, tongue stuck to their mouth, can't say a word". In closing I say this. Again thanks "Babe" The solution to the illegal immigrant problem can be controlled quite easily. Implant a bar code on the their butts and eavesdrop on their movements and stinking conversations. That's what I see FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM. Charlie

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CURIOUS GEORGE what are you up to? ( Charlies Little Tirade ) G.W. has convinced the U.N. to sanction Iran for weapons of mass destruction. Sound familiar? Is the White House looking for another "Shock And Awe" excuse? Airlines are now charging extra for aisle seats and seats near the exit doors. Are they trying to tell their passengers that the other seats are unsafe? Zelots say that god punished New Orleans. I hadn't realized that the poor black people living in that ward destroyed were sinners and those who live in the Latin Quarter were not. Maybe the residence of the Latin Quarter contribute more to the churches you know like, buy a seat in heaven. Just make sure that is an aisle seat or close to the exit. G.W. Stated that the next President would decide when to withdraw our troops. Very re-assuring words to our troops. People you are going to be there for a long long time no matter how many of you are killed or how badly the war goes. Withdrawal will not happen on my watch. Ask Iraqis if they are better off today than they were 3 years ago. The Iraqi people now realize thanks to G.W. they are now living in a 3rd world situation. Shortages of water, electric, fuel and housing. G.W. And his administration got what they wanted from this invasion. Not oil but the lack of oil. Make oil scares so the price of fuel will soar and his cronies can make billions. A move is on to build a wall to keep Mexicans often called "Wet Backs" out. Cubans who land an U.S. soil can stay due to the "Wet Foot, Dry Foot" policy. Haitians who arrive here are immediately sent back. What body part must the Haitian get "Wet" to stay? Those foreigners working in this country are not aliens, the are illegal and should be sent back. These workers are taking jobs from Americans. Big business claims that Americans do not want to work those jobs being done by these illegals and they are right. American workers want a fair wage to work. Illegals will work for less money. How much of those wage earned by illegals is being sent out of this country. Check out a Publix some day many, many money orders. Definitely not helping our economy. American workers making a fair wage will pay taxes ( illegal are often paid under the table) no taxes. American workers will have health insurance (illegals use the "free" Medical Centers that American workers pay for. The government is looking at granting amnesty to all "aliens". Amnesty is a pardon. A pardon is only given to someone who has committed a crime. Being "Illegal" is a crime. I REST MY CASE! The government is looking at a "Guest" worker programs. Look to Europe to see how those programs have worked in the past. Look at the problem in France. Ending all this babbling I say. If you want to have a conversation with some one, you must listen. Is anyone listening? That's what I see FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM. Charlie

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

BOOZE, BROADS and BIKES: 2 is the magic number. 2 days to report that G.W. may have been drunk while "riding" his bike, running over a British Policeman. The media again keeping a story quite for fear of reporting the truth. Blood tests from the "accident" have not been revealed. 2 days to report that a judge jumped in front of the V.P's beer shot, again the media re-acted as ordered. "Do not report" Again no report of drug testing or who those women were or who they were with. They obviously weren't hunting, or were they. G.W. Wasn't even told until the media inquired. G.W. Treat him like a mushroom. Keep him in the dark and feed him B.S. Americans are upset about wire tapping yet you can be anywhere at all and hear conversations of people on their cell phones, Hm! Condaliza's remark "Shouldn't turn down a deal like this" A deal for who? Follow the money trail on this deal. "something rotten in Denmark" The 45 day delay in this deal is being looked into by none other than Chertoff the head of F.E.M.A the "Commitee" is made up of 6 Cabinet Secretaries, 5 White House "Officials" and a U.S. Trade Representative. The fox in the hen house. By the way, we are talking about 21 Ports not 6 as reported. I have to believe that there must be more important things going on in this world than Mardi Gras that the Media can cover like Troops still being killed in the presidents war, the Security Port deal, Global warming, Health care, Patriot Act, Tax cuts to the rich, and on and on and on! That's what I see FROM MY SIDE OF THE ROOM.